Plantae Corniculatus
Plantae Corniculatus

Plantae Corniculatus

Lumitoro’s Plantaë collection fuses jewelry and planters to inspire the next generation of wearable art so you can bring nature with you wherever you go. 

Add your own style and customise Plantaë corniculatus with your very own floral arrangement. 

Create a lush arrangement with oasis or a beautiful low maintenance arrangement with forever-green moss or succulents and it'll be the perfect interior detail in your home when you're not wearing it!

Delivered with a 70cm (27,56") nickel-free facetted ball chain.
For every Plantaë purchase, we will plant a tree to support agroforestry.

Regular price 499 kr
Tubii Ring 1
600 SEK
Tubii Ring 2
650 SEK